Behind Every Bottle: The Craftsmanship of Dano's Dangerous Tequila

Ever wondered what goes into making every sip of Dano's Tequila so dangerously good? Well, strap in, because we're about to take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of our tequila-making process. From the sun-soaked agave fields to the art of infusion, every step is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.


Our journey begins with the heart of tequila – the blue weber agave. We let these bad boys bask in the sun for a solid 8 years, giving them all the time they need to mature into perfection. When the time's just right, our skilled jimadors, armed with their trusty coa de jima, get down to business. They hand-cut these plants, unearthing the sweet, juicy piña – that's where all the magic begins.


Transported back to the distillery, these piñas don't just turn into tequila – they're transformed. We're talking 26 hours of slow cooking in traditional clay brick ovens, or hornos. This isn't your average bake; we use pressurized steam to turn those carbs into sweet, fermentable sugars. It's a slow dance of heat and time.


Now, it's time for a little tahona action. These agaves are cooked, cooled, and then crushed under the weight of a giant grinding wheel. This isn't just crushing; it's the art of separating the soul of the agave from its body. Washed, strained, and mingling with natural airborne yeast, this is where the sugars start turning into something a little more spirited.


Next up, distillation – the tequila’s rite of passage. We do it twice, in our age-old copper stills, ensuring only the best of the agave flavors make the cut. It's a slow, careful process, much like a fine dance between the liquid and the heat.


For our aged expressions, it’s all about patience. Resting in virgin white oak barrels, our Reposado and Añejo age gracefully. No second-hand whiskey barrels here; it’s all about letting the agave flavors shine. The Reposado takes a 9-month siesta, while the Añejo gets a full 18-month beauty sleep, emerging as a golden amber treasure.


And now, the showstopper - our infusion process. Only fresh, local pineapples and jalapeños are worthy of our Blanco tequila. Cut, de-seeded, and infused, they rest just long enough to create the perfect blend of flavors. A little fruit left in the bottle? That's our signature, the mark of the world’s only certified fresh fruit tequila.

There you have it, folks! From agave to bottle, every step in our process is about staying true to our roots while pushing the boundaries. Because at Dano's, we’re not just making tequila; we’re crafting an experience – one that’s as bold and unique as the folks who drink it.

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So, next time you’re sipping on a Dangerous Margarita or enjoying our smooth Añejo, remember: it’s not just tequila; it’s a journey in every glass.