Where can I buy Dano's?

You can purchase Dano's directly online or check out our store locator to find the nearest bar or retail shelf stocked with your soon-to-be favorite tequila.

My order is missing, help!

We're not in the business of making folks wait for tequila. If your order seems to be on a slow boat, let's track it down. Contact us at with your order number, and we'll dive into the details.

I've just ordered my bottle of Dano's Tequila. How fast will the good times roll in?

We can't wait for you to unbox the spirit of our craft! Most orders ship faster than you can perfect your margarita shake, arriving at your doorstep in about 6 business days. If you're planning a fiesta or just stocking up, make sure to order a tad in advance!

Are you available on Drizly or ReserveBar?

Yes, in select areas.

I'm on the hunt for deals – got any promotions I can tap into?

For exclusive discounts and insider perks that'll make you feel like tequila royalty, sign up for our newsletter and join the Connoisseur Circle. Plus, keep your eyes on our Instagram – we're known to drop flash deals

Who is Dano?

Dano's the maestro behind the magic – our founder and the original risk-taker. He's the guy who looked at tequila and said, "Let's turn up the flavor." Learn more about his story here.

Why is the tequila "dangerous"?

Life's too short for boring tequila. "Dangerous" is our wink to living life boldly – with tequila that dares to be different. It's a nod to flavor so good, it should come with a warning label.


Who can I talk to about philanthropy and event sponsorship

We're all ears and hearts when it comes to giving back. Let's discuss how Dano's can contribute to your cause. Reach out to for all the deets.


Why is the infusion different colors?

Nature loves variety, and so do we. The hues in our infusions come from all-natural ingredients, and just like snowflakes, no two batches are exactly alike.

My Pineapple & Jalapeño tequila seems off. What should I do?

Yikes, that doesn’t sound like the Dano's delight we know and love. Don’t sip in silence – let us help! Snap a photo of your bottle and send it to us with your order details, and we'll sort it out.

How many carbs are in Dano's Pineapple & Jalapeño Tequila?

Great question for the health-conscious tequila lover!

In an entire 750ml bottle of our Pineapple Jalapeño Fresh Fruit Infusion, there are only 2.5 grams of carbs – and that's all thanks to the fresh fruit we use in our infusion process.

Breaking it down, each 1.5 oz serving (and there are about 16 of those in a bottle) contains just about 0.78 grams of carbs. That's less than 1 gram per serving, making it a guilt-free indulgence for your taste buds. And just so you know, all our other tequilas are rocking a solid zero carbs. So, sip away without the carb count worries!

Is your tequila gluten free?


When do you harvest your fruit?

We pluck our fruits at the peak of perfection! Our pineapples and jalapeños are harvested under the warm Mexican sun when they're just ripe enough to burst with flavor. It's all about timing – and we've got ours down to a fine art.

Is Dano's additive-free?

Absolutely! Our tequila is as pure as the heart of the agave it comes from. Zero additives, zero compromises. Just the good, clean spirit of adventure in every bottle.

What barrels do you use for aging?

New American White Oak - only the finest!

Do you have an extra añejo?

Not yet, but stay tuned! We're always crafting up new ways to enjoy Dano's. You never know what could be on the horizon.

Will there be new infusions in the future?

Who doesn't love a bit of mystery? Let's just say, our infusion innovation never sleeps. There might be some new taste adventures on the way.

Why are there 'floaties' in my infusion?

Ah, the mark of true craftsmanship! Those 'floaties' are tiny bits of real fruit, a testament to our genuine infusion process. No fake stuff here – just real flavor doing the tango with premium tequila.

Does the infusion have a shelf life?

For the best sipping experience, we recommend enjoying them within a year of opening. But trust us, once you taste it, it won't last that long on the shelf.

Is Dano's made in Colorado or Mexico?

Dano's soul is crafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico – the heartland of tequila. Colorado's our playground where the creativity of our infusions come to life in Dano's home lab!


How can I toss my hat into the ring a position on the team?

Sounds like you're ready to shake things up with us. We're all about those with a zest for life and liquor. For all our career movers and shakers, drop us a line here to get your journey started.

I want to bring the Dano's experience to my bar/shop. Who do I chat with?

We're flattered 💙 For all you trailblazing retailers and bar owners looking to stock up on Dano's, just drop us a line here to get started.

Do you have a celebrity endorsement?

While we don't rely on celebrity glitz to shine, we do have a star-studded lineup – our tequilas. They're the true celebs that steal the spotlight in any glass.

What NOM are you from?

We hail from NOM 1840, where each bottle of Dano's is crafted with the kind of care that can only come from generations of distilling tradition.